Photography by Whitney Lane
All Chocolate Dreamer products are available
in delicious sugar free dark chocolate.

Welcome to The Chocolate Dreamer. Here you’ll find luxury chocolate gifts that delight the recipient’s every sense.

I make whimsical specialty chocolate shapes using dark chocolate, white chocolate, and even sugar free chocolate. Then I hand-paint and hand-gild them before wrapping them in the most opulent and elegant packaging materials imaginable. Opening a chocolate gift box from The Chocolate Dreamer is as thrilling as tasting what’s inside!

All this lavish attention makes my specialty chocolates (and my Brownies Made By Angels, and my Sarah Bernhardts) perfect for special events, corporate chocolate gifts, chocolate wedding favors, Christmas gift chocolates, Hanukkah chocolates, and even baby showers.

Most of our specialty chocolates are custom-made to order. No one tells you this, but freshness is important in a luxury chocolate gift. I do keep a limited selection of white chocolate, dark chocolate, and sugar free chocolates (and my Brownies Made By Angels, and my Sarah Bernhardts) on hand and ready to be shipped, though. The selection changes with the season. So if you’re looking for corporate chocolate gifts, or chocolate wedding favors, or special occasion chocolates, just call or email me. I really and truly live to make it gratifying to give luxury chocolate gifts.

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